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If you're moving the block, you put the destination starting address in register pair DE:. If all you want to do is scan a block of data for a particular byte, you can omit the destination address, since the comparison will be done in the accumulator: Until then, you'll just have.

User Group Update When writing to a user group for information, please remember to enclose a self-addressed envelope with postage that is appropriate for the country to which you're writing.

Send typed additions, corrections, and deletions for this list to: Box Greensboro, NC Attn: AL Commodore liner Croup, Ht. Box , Highland, IN Point Mugu Users Association, P.

Box , Lancaster, CA Box , Tempe, AZ Power Surge Users Group also has a new address: Box , Waterbury, CT The Heartland Users Group's new address is P.

Box , Cape Girardeau, MO The Tri-Cities Commodore Club has a new address: Welaka, FL P. SE, Lcmars, IA Box , Gaylord, Ml U.

Computer Users Group, P. Box , Ishpeming, Ml Box 7, liarlvitle, Cairns, Queensland , Australia. Johns, Antigua, West Indies. New York residents should call.

If you want to order a subscription to compute! It's only fair to state immediately what these programs are not. They in no way can be compared with the com puter software available today; in fact, as one experienced computer program.

They also show all of. Adventure was the precursor to all of the computer fantasy. Eliza has been hailed as a program important in the early thinking about artificial intelli gence, even though its author viewed it as a joke.

Life is, in many ways, the forerunner of today's sophisticated computer simulation and modeling programs.

And Pong spawned the en tire arcade computer game industry. You can play against the computer, or two people can play against each other.

Eliza, first developed by computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum to mimic. These programs are recreated here in a form faithful to the original.

For ex ample, this is the authentic version of Adventure endorsed by its creators. Weizenbaum was reportedly quite sur prised when people began calling Eliza an example of machine intelligence.

He meant it more as a joke than a serious. There are other implementations of Eliza, some more complete than others. This version is supposed to be a faithful recreation of Weizenbaum's original.

Life is a computer simulation that was originally developed by British. They may not take advantage of the ad.

The computer is reset to its conventional. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this program is the commands it. Similar in some ways to other disk wedge programs, I found the ease of use, versatility, and logic of these new commands to be better than any other disk enhancement program.

Never has it been so. People who use two drives will greatly appreciate the way you can switch from one to the other. The program starts with device 8 as the default device.

It you have a second drive, just type 9 or whatever device number it's set for and it becomes the new default device,. TURN takes you back. Cassette users will also be interest ed in this program.

This is a classic strategy game for the Commodore 64 in which the player's ultimate goal is territorial supremacy. Up to four players may compete, or you can play against your computer.

The computer doesn't intervene in this phase—all trades are made verbally be tween players. Once a deal has been. This is where the real action in Lords of Conquest occurs.

It's your chance to launch a relentless attack on a neighboring territory. During each phase, each player must make important decisions: Should you move your stockpile of re sources to a new territory, better pro.

A wrong move could tip your hand prematurely. Lords of Conquest is a highly in volved scenario with many levels of complexity so that each game, whether against friends or the computer, is.

The designers have made it easy to use and easy to play. You'll find yourself very quickly concentrating on your. And there's another option for the cassette.

That's about as fast as your disk drive and it worked reliably every time I tried it. You must remember though that programs saved this way cannot be.

Two other commands are avail able. It provides additional RAM. The car tridge also works well in 64 mode on the Commodore Playing time is usually less than three hours, and a.

Once again, though, GameMaker helps. Furthermore, the library disk includes several prede signed games [Pitfall and Megamania among them that you can load into the Editor and examine.

Simply load it into the Editor and find the appropriate line in the program. The heart of the manual is the Ad. Game design is still no pic nic, but spending the time needed to.

We can no longer hide behind incompetence. GameMaker consists of five sepa rate modules: You use the first four to cre ate the graphics and sound features of.

Your horse will then run across the screen, or buck up and down. The animation is as sophisticated as you make it.

SoundMaker creates sound effects. The SoundMaker screen resembles a "sound board" found in a recording studio, with knobs and sliders and gauges.

In each module, you use the joy stick to move from feature to feature, name to name, even number to num ber. Even the program commands are.

Those without joysticks can use the function keys and the space bar instead. SceneMaker allows you to design the backdrops against which your game moves, it is in effect a paint program, with a wide choice of colors and such commands as Draw, Circle, Line, Box, Fill, Zoom, Copy, View, Move, and Erase.

Anyone familiar with paint pro. In fact, CameMaker's individual modules are all thorough and flexible.

With SpriteMaker, you create the sprites that will move across the scene. Once again, everything is done with the joystick.

You simply draw the sprite as you want it, then, if you wish, combine But you need not master them all at once, and you can work on individual commands as you create your design.

If you get good enough, and you create an arcade game that you feel the world will want to play, Activision will.

If you've always felt able to design a great game, but never. Here too are listed all the commands possible in the GameMaker modules, including explanations.

Frequency, Speed, Pulse, Duration, and Tie. You use the joystick to create the sound, listen to it, modify it, and save it. The finished game runs independent of the original.

GameMaker is for you. Like any good game, writing it is not easy, but once you've done so, the rewards are endless. To ease you into creating your own.

There are plenty of precreated scenes, sprites, sounds, and tunes on the GameMaker library disk, which you can load and examine, change, or copy.

These not only save time, but also help you learn how to use the features of the individual modules. By loading a sound effect into SoundMaker, for example,.

If you wish, you can create entire games by mixing the sprites, sound, music, and scenes al ready provided. Once you have a scene, the sprites, the sounds, and the music ready to go, you put them all together using the Edi tor.

The Editor provides the program. Double Strike Near Letter Ouolity1. Dot Si I Image Underlining. Allow N days lor delivery 2lo7 dcys tor phone orders, 1 day express mail1 Prices A AvailobiIiiy subject lochongewithoul natica.

You pay only 5 r Just plug il in and you con progrom words ond sentences, adjust volume and pitch, make lalklng adventure games, saund action games and customised talkies!

Two machines in one — just a flick of tho switch. Just plug Into your Commodore 64 computer and you're roady to transmit and receive messages.

Easier lo uie than dialing your telephone, just push one key on your computer! Includes exclusive easy to use proarom for up ond down loading to printer and disk drives.

Automatic Lini Cleaning liner included. Conadian orders must be in U. Money Order or Personal Check. The Comstar is one of the best values in the United States today.

Print your letters, documents, programs,. I Looks just like it came from a typewriter. Plus, choose your printing mode NLQ, Draft from your wordprocessor or by simply pushing the controls on the front panel.

Fantastic Quality at a Fantastic Price. Canadian orders musl be in U. Like word processors and spreadsheets, most full-range soft. This too helps make Cantus.

There is a minimum of technical obstacles. The four-page musical glossary of terms is most welcome, and the well-organized.

So are independent, pair, or block textures. The result is a kind of tex tured music, with the user defining the. Perhaps the main difference be tween Cantus and other music pro grams is that it was conceived by a professional musician as a creative tool relevant to contemporary music.

Ryo Kawasaki, for Sight and Sound software, is the only other professional name that. It's worth making a point about the product, home produced and market ed—a beautiful example of what you.

Pages are duplicated single side on a regular copier and as sembled under a transulcent plastic cover with a friction plastic grip.

The single disk is double-side taped to the inside back cover, and an index card. Low cost, effective, neat, clear, well-organized—a model "cot tage" product.

Cantus is a significant and unique music package. It's inviting, involving, and contemporary. For creative play, process interaction, and music educa tion applications, it's hard to beat.

I highly recommend it for participation. Freeze the performance and notation by press ing a function key; resume by releasing the key.

It's wonderful to see such inter. Here is a music of controlled randomness, a music of process rather than result, a music of "doing" rather than "done.

Besides being easily learned and remembered, Cantus derives much of its accessibility from the fact that it has.

This screen con tains all the stylistic choices—or "patches"—the user makes. There is an easily accessed store of 37 "canned" patches as well.

You have the choice of just sitting back and enjoying them, ex. The system operates by making choices among the options and probability ranges you specify.

As the texture is performing. Of course there are a few limita tions, even bugs. Of particular note is the difficulty in turning off any of the voices.

The manual suggests set ting unwanted voices to pulse with a width of zero. Unfortunately, this method gives bothersome clicks. If you go to the trouble of specifying envelope values A, D, and R to 15, however, the clicks will completely disappear.

It's annoying and perhaps unin tended that pressing HOME sends the disk drive into an abortive save, and. CuntUS is both educational and lots of fun.

Like the environment of LOGO, it has great possibilities for creative play. Loading and saving patch es are very fast files are only four blocks each , and Cantus loads with Epyx' FastLoad cartridge in only 35 sec.

If you've created a pro gram that you think. Box Greensboro, NC Please enclose an SASE if you wish to have the materials returned.

Articles are reviewed within four weeks of submission. Your computer is a formidable opponent in this battle of wits. An excellent strategy game with four skill levels.

Each move has a maximum of eight possible positions, with each posi tion having eight possible future. You and the computer. To win, you must get four of your to kens in a row vertically, horizontal ly, or diagonally.

Or you can win by. To play the game, load it and type RUN. After a brief wait, you're asked if you wish to go first. Press Y for yes or N if.

If you include these POKEs, the. The primary thinking routine in Slots is a recursive procedure—that is, a procedure that calls itself as a subroutine.

A mean ingful recursive procedure needs a test that stops the subroutine calls,. If the number of the play level you chose has been reached, the subroutine calls are stopped.

The looping then continues. When eight loops have occurred at any. It then returns from the machine language routine.

Returns from the recursive calls also occur when a win is im. If you play at level 4, you'll see that the program does not take any time to think when you're about to win.

It prevents the program from wast ing time looking at future moves. Slots runs faster and uses less memory by using a recursive func tion.

At each possible move posi. Itcompilesandrunsmany times faster than other Pascal compilers. No additional hardware is necessary.

If not completely satisfied, return It within IS days for a lull refund. S12 00 outside Noitli America: We thought Ihe best would be good enough, but you wanted more.

The most requested utilities and aids are Included in Ihis affordable, easy-to-use package. Look ai what you get: Downloads and runs in seconds! Periect lor business programs or your most-used utilities!

Uncompress the mam files so you can investigate and modify Ihem. Then recompress Ihe new versions and they'll be booied as usual.

Your program can be interrupted al almost any point and restarted at the exact same point! The fastest, easiest-to-use and most effec tive utility of its kind!

See the review in Ihe Oct. Covers Ihe important concepls in a. The accompanying diskette includes many useful utilities Put up to 10 programs on a single cartridge, with a menu added automatically!

It's required attire, you see, in your training for a Space Shuttle mission. You'll be piloting a shuttle simulator, working under weightless conditions, doing what most people only see on the six o'clock news.

Fasl and easy to use. Box , Crown Point. We'd like to see you in this suit. See your favorite software dealer for a Space Camp Scholarship booklet and construction guidelines, or write to us at.

Only quick maneuvering and accurate firing can save the day in this fast-action, arcade-style game. For the Commodore A joystick is required.

The army has a supply of four Chopper 1 helicopters, the first three of which are equipped with emergency escape parachutes. Should the aliens destroy your heli.

You'll find it difficult to main tain your choppers for very long at the higher skill levels. The alien's spaceship passes back and forth over the city while con tinually dropping bombs which gradually blast their way through the force field and, eventually, into.

The bombs will also destroy your chopper if contact is made. You've been sent to destroy the bombs with Chopper l's laser. The alien's spacecraft is made of an in destructible alien alloy, and it's in vulnerable to your laser blasts.

It will, however, destroy you if you get in its path. You control Chopper 1 with a joystick in port 2. The player has just destroyed a bomb. Notice that the alien spacecraft has just released two more above Chopper 1.

The greater the amount of the city remaining, the higher the bonus. You'll then move on to save. You receive 10 points for each bomb you destroy.

Load and run MLX, and when prompted for starting and ending addresses, enter the following: Be sure to have a joystick in port 2.

Press the fire button to begin play. Mike Sedore 27 Melbourne S. Pirate Children can enter a swashbuckling world of pirates as they attempt to find Treasure Island and the treasure chest in this miniadventure.

While providing entertainment and challenge, it also sharpens map-reading and direction skills. In "Pirate Cove," your child plays the role of a buccaneer who's found a map showing the locations of ten islands.

Starting from Pirate Cove, he or she must navigate around the. If you choose to sail on, the program asks which direction you want to go north, south, east, or west.

Again, use the red bar to make this choice. If the Read Map option is cho sen, the screen displays the naviga tional map.

Islands are indicated by. Choosing the List Inventory option allows you to see what items you've gath. Each time the program is run, the location of the islands changes so that the game may be played.

In writ ing a program for children, it's essential to make the input for them. This method seemed a good choice despite making the program a bit longer.

I've also used sprites ex panded both horizontally and verti. S Citizen MSP cps There are other address file programs for the Commodore 64, but we haven't seen one this fast, versatile, and easy to use.

Menu operations make it especially easy to manage. If you wish to abort the load, just press RETURN without entering a file name—you're automatically re turned to the menu.

After you've en tered data and want to save it, cur sor to this item on the menu. Written for the Commodore 64, it includes a num ber of useful features not frequently.

Be sure you read and understand. When you first run MLX, you're asked for the starting and. Let's look at each of the menu choices and see how to use them.

Use this option to. If you're saving a large file, make sure you have enough room on the disk or. Address Cataloger allows a maximum of records per file.

Disk users should note that re. If you save a file to disk with the same name as a previousiy saved file, the new file will replace the old one.

This option is for disk users only. If a large number of filenames appears and begins scroll ing, you can pause the list by press.

If you're using disk, it's a good idea to save your files on the same disk as Address Cataloger—you'll be able to check the filenames by.

Three printing formats are available with "Address Cataloger": The first includes all information name, address, phone, and two lines of extra information , the second.

Notice the record number dis played in the upper left corner of the screen. There are 18 key combi.

If you're in the process of editing a record and decide to keep the original data, CTRL-A the CTRL key and A pressed simultaneously aborts the current editing changes and re stores the data most recently saved.

This deletes the record currently displayed and numerically adjusts all subsequent records. For example, if you delete. This moves the displayed record and all subse quent records up one 15 becomes.

The SHIFT and minus-sign — key combination enters the current re cord into memory and displays the previous record.

In the same situation, Commodore-— will display record Press the DELete key to erase the character to the left of the cursor.

The left-arrow key the upper left key on your key board moves all characters to the right of the cursor one space to the left.

When a match is found, the re cord is displayed. If you wish, you can edit any part of the record. If no more matches are found, you'll notice that the record number has not changed.

The menu reap pears after pressing a key. This option sorts all records alphabetically by last name. In the case of identical last names, the sort will look at first names and alphabetize according.

For example, if you have five Smiths in your address file, they'll be alphabetized under Smith by first name: Al, Dorothy, Mike, Richard, and Walter.

You can also use this option to clean up your file from rime to time. After you've used the file for a while, you're likely to have some.

By alphabetizing, you'll condense your file—the pro gram removes all blank records and renumbers existing files, thus sav ing space. It's a good idea to avoid blank records when entering re cords—a lot of these in your file will.

There are several choices to make before printing out data from an ad dress file. After selecting this op tion, a small menu appears: The first choice, All Infor mation, prints all the data in a file.

The Phone List selection prints all. When printing address labels, you can adjust the printer linefeed by typing POKE , x, where x is the number of.

As written, the program uses six linefeeds. If you wish to make a permanent adjust ment, load the program, type this POKE in immediate mode, and resave the program with a new file.

After selecting one of the three printing formats, another menu is displayed: Here's a quick and easy way to get standard- or double-sized high-resolution printouts.

If the All option is selected, all records are printed out. It provides for col umn placement of the normal screen dump, allowing it to be printed out.

Be especially careful when typing the numbers in the. Graphics Dump, and type RUN. The screen prompts make it very easy to use. In the 64 version, you're first asked if the hi-res screen was created by Print Shop.

After you press the ap propriate key, you're asked to choose a normal size or enlarged, double-. After making this selec tion, you're asked for a "space-over" value, A computer screen is 40 columns wide, but the printer has The space-over number controls the number of spaces be tween the left margin and the printed.

For example, if you wish your hi-res screen to be printed at the left margin, choose 0. To center it on the page, enter a value of On these two machines, you can draw a picture using the built-in graphics commands, exit to the text screen.

Note that the 64 version of Ex pandable Graphics Dump is written for hi-res screens which can be saved as disk files. This restriction means it.

Also, Ex pandable Graphics Dump handles monochrome hi-res screens some what better than multicolor screens. If you look closely at the Koala Pad illustration, you'll see that some col ors have been translated to stripes.

Double-sized printout of barnyard animals created with the Koala Pad the striped lines in this picture arc a side effect of multicolor mode.

Also, the NOT oper ator in BASIC can switch a variable between —I and 0 each time it is used; it will toggle the variable, which is exactly what we need to do when signaling whether to move our alien up or down the screen.

The time spent in the player routine becomes sig. It doesn't happen here, but if it ever should, the program mer would want to balance things out by, perhaps, inserting the task.

The subroutines are ac cessed so that the player object moves just one space on the screen. The idea is to spread the work around so that nothing becomes lop sided and interferes with the flow.

Line POKEs the piayer character into whatever happens. Then we look over to the left 20 spaces and see if the enemy is located there.

Finally, the cursor is sent tc the HOME position and we print the current score and return to the main loop. The enemy subroutine also starts off by blanking the character and, based on the value of the tog gle variable X, the enemy is moved up or down as appropriate.

Matching line numbers indicate that the same task is being accomplished in both versions. There are some extra lines in the ML version because individual pro.

Each letter of a word is separately sent to the screen. Great Software for Under Now is your chance to build your software library at a very reasonable cost,!

Choose from entertainment, home management or education titles. Uuiw Hal Ik' for Antwerp c: First line Software, P.

Box , Hopkins, MN I'm ordering ihe fallowing programs! MN Residents add ti". Boxes ofB Uniwrsal blank disks.

This program will assemble as is if you are using the LADS assem. The game is designed for the Commo dore 64 or , but please note the two changes lines 18 and nec essary to adjust things for the This is a byproduct of the great velocities you achieve when you program in ML: You sometimes need to deliberately re tard your program or it executes too.

Next month we'll take the ML mentals of action-game ML pro gramming. For now, if you want to. Air Freight add SJO.

OO Diagnosis lee of or any unit al tered or with no delects. You can add more realistic animated graph. This program is so powerful and valuable that we're republishing it here for those who might not have seen it in the July issue.

Impossible as it seems, "TurboDisk 64" speeds up the disk drive's loading time percent or more—in fact, the longer the program, the more the gain.

Also in this issue, you'll find several programs which expand the power of TurboDisk: True, it's much faster than a Datassette, but it's still annoyingly slow.

Once you start using Turbo Disk, you'll wonder how you got along without it. TurboDisk turbocharges the loading process by a. Be sure that you read and understand the in structions for using MLX before you begin entering the data for Turbo Disk.

When you first run MLX,. In fact, the longer the program, the more improvement you'll see. It does not compromise reliability. And you can switch it on or off at.

To do this, load and run MLX, then enter the starring and ending addresses listed above. Insert a disk containing Tur boDisk into the drive, then use.

To load TurboDisk, use a com. You'll be amazed at the difference. One thing you'll notice imme diately is that the red light on the disk drive doesn't come on at all during a Turboload.

Don't panic; this is normal. It's also normal for. You'll probably find TurboDisk so useful that you'll want a copy on. For example, disk drives are prone to head-alignment problems, so if you have a disk formatted on a.

TurboDisk resides in the 4K block of free memory starting at ad. TurboDisk first checks to see whether a disk direc.

If a program LOAD was re quested, the routine adds the. How programs or subroutines also use this memory space and may over write TurboDisk.

The portion of TurboDisk in the disk drive uses routines in the drive's ROM to locate the desired program and read it from the disk.

The bytes of data from each disk sector are transferred two bits at time to a byte buffer within the computer. In the 64, this buffer is at locations.

It's not compatible with cer tain features of some programs, such as loading text files with SpeedScript, although you can use TurboDisk to load SpeedScripl in the first place.

It also may not work with some commercial software. The slows down. But first you must tell the to act like a with the following line: However, you must make a decision.

You can use dou ble-sided disks while the is in 64 mode and the drive is in Or you can use TurboDisk to speed up the drive in mode, but then you cannot use.

If you own a disk drive, you don't need a Turbo program while you're in mode—the and are capable of using the fast serial transfer hardware built.

This re quired transfer of data before each. For mode and a , see "TurboDisk " elsewhere in this issue.

Despite a few limitations, Turbo Disk is one of the most valuable general-purpose utilities a disk user. It's up to you: The reason is rather technical—64s.

If Tur boDisk will not operate proper ly with your PAL video 64, try changing the following lines as shown: Now you can use TurboDisk 64 with most any machine language program.

It's advisable not to select memory areas under ROM or other key memory pages such as addresses. TurboDisk version and the new name, it proceeds to read the origi nal version from disk and write a new version modified for the speci fied starting address back to the same disk.

Be sure the name you use for the new version is not al ready used by another file on the disk. Since TurboDisk may be activated in pro gram mode, it can be incorporated quite easily with other programs.

The only drawback is its location in. For example, if you created a version of TurboDisk relocatable to address , then you would start it with SYS in either program or di.

All the modules required are loaded in only once when the pro gram is first run. This makes things easier, especially if you have other versions of Turbo Disk that execute at different loca tions.

The program prompts you to. You should respond with a decimal address on a full-page. This program makes "TurboDisk 64" even more useful. It creates a boot program that lets you load any program at turbo speed—without using TurboDisk.

And after turboloading, it automatically runs. For the Commodore 64 and disk drive. To enhance the use of this excellent utility, I wrote "Turbo BootMaker," which lets you autoboot your pro grams at turbo speed without load.

If a copy of that program is not already present on the disk, you'll be re minded to add a copy after you fin ish creating the turbobooter.

Turbo BootMaker does not alter the pro. It also works with versions creat ed using "TurboDisk Relocator," also. Last, you're prompted to give a filename to the new turbobooting program do not use the wildcard convention ,.

After you enter the filename, there will be another short delay as the turbobooter file is written to disk. At this point, you've created a boot program that will automatical ly load the specified program at tur bo speed every time you run it.

It also runs the program after it's been loaded. There are a few things you. Don't panic; this is normal, and the screen is cleared when the turboload begins.

Press B or M. If it's ML, you're asked for the start ing address, which can be entered in either decimal or hexadecimal.

To turbo boot an ML program that resides at , you must use a version of. However, you'll probably find that the convenience of having your pro.

TurboDisk that resides elsewhere in memory. The "TurboDisk Relo cator" program elsewhere in this is. You're then asked to insert the.

Are you using a disk drive with your Com modore ? Here's a powerful utility that can reduce the time you spend waiting for programs to load by percent or more.

Now you may begin entering the data for TurboDisk. When you've finished entering the numbers, be sure to use the MLX Save option to make at least one copy of the Tur.

TurboDisk works only in mode; you'll still need to use TurboDisk 64 in 64 mode. If you own a disk drive,.

It loads pro grams saved in the usual manner;. Be sure that you read and understand the in. One thing you'll notice immedi ately is that the red light on the disk drive doesn't come on at all during a turboload.

Don't panic; this is nor. You can switch off TurboDisk at any time without eras. You'll also find it necessary to. Such programs cannot be used with TurboDisk because loading them.

This area is the RS in put buffer, but since the can't turboload and receive RS input. Commodore disk drives are intelligent units,.

Despite a few limitations, Turbo Disk is one of the most valuable general-purpose utilities a disk user can own. To discover exactly how fast it is, we ran some tests.

Results with different disk drives may vary. The resident portion of TurboDisk operates by changing. TurboDisk first checks to see whether a disk direc tory or a verify operation was re.

If a program load was requested, the routine adds the filename to the. To improve speed, routines like the one that turns on the red light are omitted, and only.

This seven-line program offers an added dimen sion—a boldface font—to your Commodore or MPS printer. Answer the Print to: Your text will be written to a se quential SEQ disk file as character.

They also offer the programmer precise control over the spacing of the printed lines. This spacing is easily changed with this single line: The value of J determines the line spacing.

A value of 36 results in normal spacing on the MPS The printer divides an inch into segments, so the usual spacing of six lines per inch translates to.

The smaller the value of J, the smaller the line spacing. A value of 0 results in no linefeed at all—the lines will overlap, printing one on top of another.

By changing the spacing to a small value 1 or 2 and printing the same line twice, one can get very weil-defined character print quality.

The two lines overlap,. This overlap allows the char acters to be more fully formed and darker. It takes any sequential text file and prints it out with this improved character quality.

Boldface is very easy to use;. Be certain that your printer is turned on before pressing. Version 1 or 2 of SpeedScript does not allow printing to the disk, so you'll have to use the file con.

Your listing is now a. Many word processors, like Easy Script, automatically format. Some oth er word processors, like SpeedScript and WordPro, create program files.

MPS , some modifications may be needed. The first thing to check is the print quality. In line 50, the. Cre ate a short test file and print it out several times using Boldface, each time using a different number in line 50 between 0 and 4 is an ac.

Keep whichever number gives the best quality. Now the spacing between lines must be adjusted. Print your test file and see how closely it matches the spacing your printer.

With this short utility for the Commodore , you can redefine any—or all—of the keys to print whichever character you choose.

The Commodore is a highly versatile and powerful machine— windows, high- resolution graph ics, or column displays, re-. But it suffers from a few shortcom ings.

For example, the numeric key pad is almost useless for DATA statements because there is no com ma, unless you use the KEY state ment to redefine one of the function keys.

Wouldn't it make more sense. You can find the keycode for most keys by running this one-line. If you're familiar with the 's character ASCII codes, it will be obvious that the keycodes don't have any direct relationship to the character codes for the corre sponding letters and numbers on the faces of the keys, so you may be wondering how the translates the keycode into a character code.

Unfortunately, KEY acts only on the function keys. But "KeyDef" lets you redefine any key on the keyboard, and gives you access to.

A pointer consists of two. The pointers can be changed to point to customized ta bles in RAM, however, and that's just what KeyDef does.

It copies the usual values from the ROM tables. The keycode is then used as an. This pro checking each key in sequence to.

How ever, KeyDef sets up a separate ta ble for ALT, so it can now have definitions completely independent.

These can also be moved around the keyboard. Notice that the numeric keypad numbers are different from those on the top of the keyboard, even though normal.

The set of cur sor keys at the top of the keyboard also has different keycodes from the pair at the bottom, so the two sets can be independently re.

Should you wish to save a set of definitions, the proce. These redefinitions can be reloaded with these commands: The computer auto matically handles the keyscanning and character translation.

However, you must take some care when changing the pointers to the trans. Unfortunately, this table was cop ied verbatim from the 64 User's. It's listed in Appendix I, but not in Appendix E.

Otherwise, you won't be able. Finally, you're prompted to en. Basically, it doesn't get used. It should be noted that KeyDef changes only the keyboard behaviar; the way the computer runs is unaltered.

The letters on the screen keep their usual shapes; this is not a program to create custom charac. Also, if you change the letter 7 to be a Z, you've banished T from the keyboard but not from the com puter.

It can still print a T if you. KeyDef al lows you to fix this bug. This is helpful when you have to type in a lot of DATA statements.

To make typing in DATA state. But you have to reach up to the top left comer to reach the ESC key, which is some what awkward.

The first thing you might want to do with KeyDef is to correct a minor but annoying bug. This is sometimes called the. If you prede fined some keys to print the control characters, it would simplify things a bit.

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